Current Project

Current Project: Displace

Displace is an immersive dance film performance that combines live movement with 360 degree dance footage. This piece is a collaboration between dance artists Rowan Salem and Maggie Ammons and filmmaker Andrew Spickert.

The work asks questions about obligatory versus nonessential movement. Performers will be burdened with differing physical constraints while trying to accomplish identical tasks. For instance, two dancers must achieve the same movements while one carries a 10 lb bag of flour and the other does not.  How does this obligation change the dancers movement, and eliminate nonessential action?

To enhance this movement research we will incorporate a combination of live performance and 360 degree film technology delivered to each audience member’s mobile device. The video will be filmed prior to the festival. Our live performance will be synchronized with the video footage to produce an interplay between virtual and real time experience.  

The audience themselves will participate by physically moving through the digital video space and performance space respectively. Similar to the dancer carrying a bag of flour,  the digital interface can become a limitation or an expansion of the experience.  Technology provides information beyond our immediate environment. We believe Displace will build an experience that will raise questions about how and when this information leads to freedom or to constraint.